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These Guys Did a Burnout So Hard the Tire Exploded and Also It's in Slow Motion

You ever do a burnout so hard, that the tire itself just unzips? You ever do a burnout so hard, that the tire itself just unzips, and you film it in beautiful, gorgeous 28,500 frames per second slow motion?

These Australians Burned Out So Hard They Melted the Fucking Bumper These Australians Burned Out So Hard They Melted the Fucking Bumper

Check out that bumper right there. See that wrinkling? See that bending? See all that God Damn Fire? That’s right. These Australians did a burnout SO HARD that they melted the fucking bumper.

Bruno Senna Rips An Awesome Burnout In A Senna At Goodwood Bruno Senna Rips An Awesome Burnout In A Senna At Goodwood

The lightweight McLaren Senna supercar made a run up the Goodwood hill this weekend with Bruno Senna at the wheel. The nephew of Formula One’s perhaps most iconic driver, former F1 driver in his own right, and 2017 FIA WEC LMP2 world champion, the 34-year-old Senna is also a McLaren factory development driver and…

What Car Has Done The Most Burnouts? What Car Has Done The Most Burnouts?

Yesterday we saw what must be the world’s most used Dodge Viper, with 190,000 well-worn miles on the clock. I think it is fair to say that at least 70 percent of those miles have been burnouts.

Barbie Jeep Racing Down Virginia International Raceway Looks Like Way Too Much Fun

Barbie Jeep Racing is perhaps the most pure, good form of four-wheel racing on the planet. Put adults on de-powered kids’ toys, and let gravity do the rest. It usually leads to epic off-road downhill wipe-outs, but at this year’s Hyperfest, Barbie Jeep racers had to stay on Virginia International Raceway’s pavement.

Watch A Cadillac Fleetwood Run Circles Around A Ford Mustang

If you thought your Ford Mustang was going to turn heads at the car show, I’m sorry. You brought the wrong car. Don’t even try to to a burnout or you’ll get completely dwarfed by the cloud of tire smoke coming from your great aunt’s Cadillac Fleetwood.

This Little Fiat 126 Is An Absolutely Huge Burnout Beast

I am trying to be as forthcoming as I can when I say that I don’t know much about what the hell insanity led to this moment. But what I can say with certainty is that someone turned a little Fiat 126 into some sort of raging supermutant that now belches fire and beautiful, beautiful tire smoke.

Teen Rips Burnout In Cop's Face After Reading It Was 'Freedom Of Speech' On Satirical Website Teen Rips Burnout In Cop's Face After Reading It Was 'Freedom Of Speech' On Satirical Website

An Oakland, Maine high school resource officer had to educate a student about identifying satirical news articles after the teen claimed it was perfectly legal for him to stare the officer in the eyes while ripping a burnout after reading about it online.

Watch A Yard Disappear Before Your Eyes In A Giant Cloud Of Honda Burnout Smoke

This little front-wheel-drive Honda isn’t the usual fare you’d see at wild burnout competitions, but it’s capable of making an entire yard disappear into thick, smoky burnout-cloud air! Wow!

Here Is A Big Smoky Reminder That I Need A Limited-Slip Differential

Y’all got some of that LSD? The limited-slip differential is perhaps the best drug known to hoon-kind. It’s the trick tech that keeps your burnouts from being sad one-tire fires. Once you drive one, you’re hooked. The Hoonigans released this absurd, nearly 45-minute megacut of their best burnouts, donuts and stunts,…

This Burnout Champion Brown Holden Ute Is Australia's New King Of The Hoons

Try as we might, we just can’t seem to out-hoon the continent that gave us the word “hoon.” Australia opens every year with perhaps the most glorious spectacle in roasted tires: Summernats. This year’s burnout contest winner is pure Jalop bait, too. It’s a Holden ute that’s even louder than it is brown—and it is…

Bask In The Glory Of Kevin Harvick's Extra-Long Tire-Shredding NASCAR Burnout

Whether you obsessively follow NASCAR’s every move or not, you have to admit: the post-race burnouts are glorious. There’s just something about the way the V8 engine note reverberates off the grandstands of an oval track that gives me goosebumps every time.

May The Glory Of This Yellow Porsche 914-6's Donuts Wash Over Your Soul With Joy

Is there anything nicer than a sweet older gentleman who still has his Porsche 914-6 after 45 years? Well, if that man is Pikes Peak legend, filmmaker and Porsche nut Jeff Zwart, you can bet there’s some burnouts and donuts involved—and we’re not talking about a run out to Krispy Kreme, either.

Crazy-Ass Aussie Hoons Do A Burnout In A Car Being Towed On A Trailer

If this was on an empty road, out in the middle of nowhere somewhere, this would be a comically bonkers thing to do—dangerous, sure, not a good idea, absolutely, but not horrible, because on an empty road, no other people are in real jeopardy. But to do a burnout on a trailer on a busy highway, that’s no longer fun…

Burning Fuel Sprays Onto Crowd At Burnout Competition, Injuring Over A Dozen

At a burnout competition in Alice Springs, Australia, on Sunday, things went very, very wrong, after the car of a driver doing burnouts spewed flaming fuel into the crowd, injuring 14, including one man who was left in critical condition.

The New Honda Civic Type R Just Doesn't Want To Do A Fat Burnout

The new Honda Civic Type R is a masterpiece of track-ready hot-hatch insanity, but when it comes to simple burnouts, it’s not the best. Even with 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner and ex-Formula One driver Alexander Rossi behind the wheel, the new Civic Type R just didn’t want to smoke the meats.

1,233 Horsepower Twin Turbo Diesel Burnouts Are Exactly As Nuts As They Sound

Meet one of the most insane diesel truck builds we’ve ever seen: Old Smokey F1. In its tastefully patina’d 1949 Ford engine bay lies a beautifully built twin-turbo diesel engine good for 1,233 horsepower at the wheels and 2,000 ft-lbs of torque. Holy crap, that’s a lot of tire-killing insanity.

This Classic Chevrolet Pickup Rips Earth-Shaking V8 Burnouts For America

Let’s face it: the great American V8 engine note is practically our other national anthem. Here’s a classic 1981 Chevrolet Silverado pick-up that’s singing the song of our people and roasting red and blue tires into smoke.

This Viper VS. Hellcat VS. Hellcat Tug-Of-War Burnout Is More 'Murica Than You Can Handle

On this day of our Dodge 7/07, we gather here today to celebrate all 707 horsepower of the mighty Hellcat engine along with its V10 friend in the Viper. Let us turn to the book of Toby, verse Keith: “This burnout shall be brought to you courtesy of the red, white and blue.” Amen.

All Ford Mustangs Get Line Lock Because Even Rental Cars Deserve Nasty Burnouts All Ford Mustangs Get Line Lock Because Even Rental Cars Deserve Nasty Burnouts

Up until now, if you’ve wanted to smoke your Ford Mustang’s rear tires without roasting your rear brakes, your best bet has been the V8 GT. But now for 2018, Ford is making the Line Lock (“Burnout Mode”) feature standard across the Mustang range. Which is kind of absurd, if you think about it. But in a good way.

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