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Lanigan's Rabbi Lanigan's Rabbi

1976. NBC Mystery Movie. Art Carney. 5 episodes. Tuesday short series will be shows that were passed over.

Green Acres Promos Green Acres Promos

Place to be.  Me-TV on Saturday mornings.

Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Fingers

Joe Henderson.

Teachers Only Teachers Only

New NBC 1983. Part of the small sub-genre of shows the network refused to kill, sometimes changing the title and/or firing one of the leads. Famously Valerie Harper, with her name in the title, became The Hogan Family. Mrs. Columbo had four titles over two seasons.

Disco Devil Disco Devil

Wonder Woman. Wolfman Jack. Paul Sand from The Hot Rock. Now on Me-TV.

Top Secret! (1984) Top Secret! (1984)

Coming up next on Laff. Val Kilmer.

Heyyy, It's the King! Heyyy, It's the King!

CB Bears segment Fonz ripoff. 1977 Hanna-Barbera. Marvin Kaplan as Skids the croc.

Kingston: Confidential Kingston: Confidential

1977 NBC. Raymond Burr. 13 episodes.

OO7 Paperbacks OO7 Paperbacks

Bond. Paperback Bond.

I Don't Think It's Nice, You Laughing I Don't Think It's Nice, You Laughing

Of course if you were all to apologize.

Banyon Banyon

1971-73 NBC. Quinn Martin. Robert Forster. 16 episodes.

Sarge Sarge

1971-72 NBC. George Kennedy. 15 episodes.

Matt Helm Matt Helm

1975-76. Tony Franciosa. 14 episodes.

Khan! Khan!

1975 CBS. Khigh Dheigh. San Francisco Chinese detective. 4 episodes.

The Paul Lynde Show The Paul Lynde Show

1972-73 ABC. Now on Antenna-TV weekends. 26 episodes.

Ghost Story/Circle of Fear Ghost Story/Circle of Fear

NBC 1972-73. 23 episodes.

Beverly Hills Buntz Beverly Hills Buntz

1987-88 NBC. Dennis Franz. David Milch. 13 episodes.

Ohara Ohara

1987-88 ABC. Pat Morita.

Night Flight Night Flight

Welcome to Night Flight. Your weekend open thread. Neon Boots.

New Promos, Commercials, TV Mini-Series New Promos, Commercials, TV Mini-Series

John Rubinstein came up at Xmas b/c he had the great 70s Jew fro. In the French Atlantic Affair mini-series, my blurb says Rubinstein was part of the All-Star cast playing against type as a character named Herb Kleinfeld. Also Jack Gilford for Lays, Raquel Welch and Debra Jo Fondren on Mork, Betamax, and lots of Ernie…

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