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Porsche 917 Restoration Porsche 917 Restoration

Hi everyone, it’s been a while! I’ve been lazy and have neglected posting.

New Display New Display

Last week I asked the manager of my local Duane Reade if I could buy their display box once they were done with it. A couple days later he called me and told me I could have it! It’s been a blast stacking cars into this shelf the past few days.

Don't Understand the Hype Don't Understand the Hype

I recently found this Veyron in my childhood box of toys and can’t figure out what makes these such coveted pieces.

Another NASCAR Custom Torino Another NASCAR Custom Torino

This time it’s the #98 Jim Robbins Special, a 1969 Ford Torino Talladega raced by LeeRoy Yarbrough. I built this from the HW Flames Torino on the shelf these days.

The King The King

The Ford Torino Talladega was a staple of NASCAR in 1968/1969 and 1971/1972. NASCAR’s aerowars began in 1968, with Dodge running the Charger 500 and Ford with the Torino Talldega and Mercury Cyclone II. The stakes were raised in 1969 when Dodge introduced the iconic Charger Daytona. Upset that Plymouth was not…

eBay Deals - Jan 23. eBay Deals - Jan 23.

Inspired by Hodinkee’s “Bring a Loupe” series of what vintage watches are on the market, I’ve decided to do a new weekly series of posts highlighting diecast deals I find on eBay.

AmazonE30's Tremendously Delayed Top 10 AmazonE30's Tremendously Delayed Top 10

Thanks to a horrible fight with the flu, I haven’t been able to get this together until now.

Anyone need an Audi? (And other things for trade) Anyone need an Audi? (And other things for trade)

Somehow came across 3 RS6 Avants at CVS.

917s 917s

I adore the Porsche 917.

1969 Porsche 917 Restoration 1969 Porsche 917 Restoration

This little guy started life as an afterthought in an eBay lot of unloved diecasts. The no-name Hong Kong casting is crude, lacks detail, and was in bad shape. However, the shape was perfect.

Recent Acquisitions in Detail Recent Acquisitions in Detail

I’ve been getting a lot of budget diecasts from the 70's and 80's. These are some of my favorite finds. I bought these all with the intention of restoring them, but a couple are too cool to tear down and rebuild.

W.T. Ligier JS3 Restoration W.T. Ligier JS3 Restoration

The 1971 Ligier JS3 was the second sports prototype manufactured and raced by Equipe Ligier, one of France’s most successful racing teams. It used the traditional F1 drivetrain of a Cosworth DFV mated to a Hewland gearbox, and weighed in at just 1,430 pounds. The JS3 did not fulfill Ligier’s dream of winning Le Mans,…

This Week's Hawls This Week's Hawls

It’s been a great week.

Looking for Trades Looking for Trades

My wheel supply is running dry.

Lesney Matchbox MG 1100 Restoration Lesney Matchbox MG 1100 Restoration

I love Lesney Matchbox cars. I love them a lot.

Mail Hawl Mail Hawl

I came to work to find 3 packages on my desk. Beautiful!

This is cool This is cool

This is a 1/43 Lola T70 from Minimodel OXA.

Jaguar XKE Semi-Lightweight Competition Roadster Jaguar XKE Semi-Lightweight Competition Roadster

This Series 1 XKE is a 1/18 model from Paragon.

DeTomaso Pantera Restoration DeTomaso Pantera Restoration

Here’s a fun little project I finished over the weekend. This is a Summer DeTomaso Pantera I’ve had laying around for years.

Teutonic Tuesday: Trabant Teutonic Tuesday: Trabant

In 1/43 scale. Unfortunately I do not know the manufacturer. The diecast might be made of stronger stuff than the real one!

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