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Good night, Oppo Good night, Oppo

I will be climbing in bed with the dogs, as much wife is a t a band boosters meeting. I saw something tonight.

Sunchaser update Sunchaser update

Apologies to His Stigness, but I had to get it smogged locally. I was out of time and needed it registered. So we did its pre-spring inspection as well. Last time, getting it to pass smog was a bitch.

Hi Oppo Hi Oppo

Today I intend to be productive. I do not feel like Toby is supporting me.

Hmm... Hmm...

Driveway looking awfully European for a Japanese car guy. You can't see the Alltrack parked on the other side of the fence.

Good Morning Oppo Good Morning Oppo

Kirby says hi. I feel how he looks today. My workout was terrible today and I feel useless.

Old lady waiting Old lady waiting

Mrs. IM went to the gym and Lucy has been sitting by the door since she left.

Stella: First ride Stella: First ride

Buzzy as hell, taller narrower tires. Man, those metal floorboards feel solid. All metal does feel different.

Hey Oppo! Hey Oppo!

The seller wanted to know if I got it running.

Could it be this easy? Could it be this easy?

Started the tear down on the Stella. It would appear that spark is an issue. They might have wanted to change this plug before they decided it was dead. I need to go get a replacement, and we will see. I can't tell if the fuel pump is working, but the lines appear to have fuel in them. I may try cleaning the carb;…

Good night Good night

I go to bed in a pile of dogs.

I didn't quite make it Oppo I didn't quite make it Oppo

I was busy with the car buying today and I never worked on the scooter. But I think I have a pretty good plan of attack. I will explain when I can post in detail and show you the ludicrously but brilliantly designed fuel delivery system. It has an ECU, O2 sensor....and carburetor? Imagine a bike with a fuel tank below…

Car buying Car buying

Mrs. IM drove the AWD Sportwagen and loved it, but to get the options she wants you need to go Alltrack. I negotiated a deal to bring a black one from out of town, fully loaded 2018 SEL (top trim) with roof rack, all weather mats, and splash guards thrown in for $31,800, about $5000 off invoice. I think it is a pretty…

Subie Test Drive Subie Test Drive

My wife drove the Outback.

A very Oppo Saturday A very Oppo Saturday

Mrs. IM drove a TourX and liked it. Outback and Alltrack to follow.

Sorry for so many posts, but I have to tell you a story and it is very early and I am bored Sorry for so many posts, but I have to tell you a story and it is very early and I am bored

I was called a racist yesterday. Apparently, I hate Mexicans. I was somewhat taken aback by the news, and had to listen to a little music to even out my emotions.

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