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Hey Toby, it's time to go Hey Toby, it's time to go

We are done in Temecula, pal. Time to saddle up. Toby?

Dog travel tips Dog travel tips

I am meticulous when I travel about cleaning up after Toby. I strongly endorse this product. Dog owners, please clean up so people let is take our dogs places. I hate it when people don’t.

Toby on the golf course Toby on the golf course

Too much Toby in Temecula on Thursday? Toodles.

Toby update Toby update

Temecula has gone well - I killed at the conference today. I will be coming back. And might have picked up some Napa work as well - an unexpected surprise. Toby and I are having dinner.

Good Morning from Temecula Good Morning from Temecula

I have a nice view from the balcony of my room. This is a very dog friendly hotel. I don’t golf, but Toby enjoyed a run on the golf course last night. He loved all the open space. I took him off the leash and let him run.

Temecula! Temecula!

We stopped in Santa Clarita so Toby could play with his friend Max.

Off to Temecula with Toby Off to Temecula with Toby

GTI this time. Will be talking a lot about Trump’s new Social Security mismatch push....

Marriage and Motorcycles Marriage and Motorcycles

Took the bike out for my longest ride so far yesterday, out for about an hour around town.

Pumpkin in her domain Pumpkin in her domain

X1/9 still missing. More parts ordered.

First pool party of the year First pool party of the year

Yhe winter percussion team is celebrating their championship season at my house today. It is 72 degrees, but that water is still pretty cold. That said, my yard is a nice place to hang out. On the left under the red umbrella is a propane fire pit, our new addition for this year.

Superhero doggos Superhero doggos

I watch a lot of these videos. Toby is excellent at cuddling and companionship but not heroics.

Having a troublesome day Having a troublesome day

It started good with walks in Monterey, but has been a litany of small annoyances since then.

Mornin' Mornin'

So many smells.

Toby and I are at a cannabis industry BBQ, AMA Toby and I are at a cannabis industry BBQ, AMA

Those greenhouses are what you think they are.

Good Morning from Monterey Good Morning from Monterey

You may have heard rumors that this is a nice place. It is true.

I woke up in Monterey I woke up in Monterey

I have to meet with a couple of farmers in Salinas...interesting stuff.

I bought a thing I bought a thing

As I embark on the journey of German car ownership, I feel I must partake of the many branded accessories, so I got the wife a luggage carrier for her Alltrack.  She said she wants to be sure Toby has plenty of room inside, so you can see that her priorities are in order.

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