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Look who's following me (Goodnight Oppo) Look who's following me (Goodnight Oppo)

I wonder what cool stuff I can learn about my firestick?

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

William Towns brings you his future...tbh, it still looks ahead of it’s time even today.


The 1st of 5 episodes

Good Morning Oppo Good Morning Oppo

Let’s wake up to Vicki & an Alfa this morning

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

Another two-fer: G8 GXP & G8 SLP Firehawk

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

How about back to back Honda CRX?!

Unexpected way to start a Wednesday Unexpected way to start a Wednesday

Black hole picture captured for first time in space ‘breakthrough’

Muck Fonday Muck Fonday

This was my cat, Gary, on Saturday at the vet. She needed some blood work done for her hyperthyroidism. She didn’t want to be caged up, but it was necessary.

ICYMI (Goodnight Oppo) ICYMI (Goodnight Oppo)

The Prodigy’s Keith Flint’s funeral was a street celebration.  This put a smile on my face.

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

Member when GM was like “we haz Miata beater”?

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

Hey Bulldog!

Hmmmm... Hmmmm...

...I’m trying to make sense of this because of the similar prices, despite different strokes for different folks. Both have 4 on the floor.

Goodnight Oppo (NSFW) Goodnight Oppo (NSFW)

5 minutes 44 seconds of perfection before you fall asleep.

WWE (NSFW...and political humor) WWE (NSFW...and political humor)

You need a good laugh. Might be geolocked. If so, get a VPN, or check the official HBO YouTube in your country.

Auck Mpril Dools Fay Auck Mpril Dools Fay

It bad enough that it’s both Monday and April Fools Day, but I didn’t need to see this this morning.

Goodnight Oppo Two-fer Goodnight Oppo Two-fer

1) A reminder to all Adult Swim fans that they have a tendency to broadcast something unexpected starting at exactly midnight April 1st, like Season 3 premiere of Rick & Morty on repeat for 2 hours recently. So set your DVR to record whatever is listed to broadcast for later.

Brown Manual Turbo Diesel Wagon????? Brown Manual Turbo Diesel Wagon?????

Ok, not quite. More like Brown Manual Turbo Diesel Wagon.


It’s snowing in Indianapolis right now. It was 60°F yesterday and 55°F this morning when the rain started.

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