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A Quick Graphical Summary of My Politics, If Anyone Cares A Quick Graphical Summary of My Politics, If Anyone Cares

I’m like Jill Stein, if Jill Stein supported NATO and (reluctantly) the TPP. Which might make me Satan to everyone, I dunno.

A Summary of Hillary Clinton's Political Positions/Platform

Strongly supports women’s right to choose – would compromise on late-term in exchange for general access - significant legislative record in support of federal funding for emergency contraception, free contraceptives for low-income women, comprehensive sex education - 100% NARAL rating in 2003

Laws sponsored by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Good Lord, this is pathetic. This is what happens when you let a faux-redneck moron be president for eight years.

Bills sponsored by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, 110th and 111th Congresses:

I skipped resolutions, amendments, and the really tedious bills. So this isn’t a complete list, but it’s representative of her legislative work.

A Summary of Donald Trump's Presidential Platform

Opposes women’s right to choose – views have shifted significantly on this topic - supports defunding Planned Parenthood - opposes federal funding for comprehensive women’s health

Introductions are fun! Introductions are fun!

If you can't guess my name, go figure. I'm a grad student, 24, living in Kansas. I've been reading Jalopnik since 2008 or so, and racing is in my blood. Lee Petty and Junior Johnson ran some of my father's family's moonshine. Ned Jarrett's wife taught my mother's Sunday school. I love it all, Formula 1, NASCAR,…