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Theory on "coolness" Theory on "coolness"

So, why is this cool:

Affordable Unicorn! Affordable Unicorn!

Found one of my Unicorns!

What is the definition of a project car? What is the definition of a project car?

I’ve been binging on back episodes of Roadkill, and it’s got me wondering: What is the real definition of a project car?

I bought a thing! I bought a thing!

Hello Oppo, I bought something fun!

Got a financial question (auto loan related) Got a financial question (auto loan related)

So, I’m looking to replace our sensible little wagon for something a bit more fun. (Yes, I found an S60R with a manual).

What are the best Mid-performance cars? What are the best Mid-performance cars?

There's a certain segment that seems to be forgotten about (especially by me): The mid-level performance car, or the performance packages that actually add something.

Don't forget to check your tires

This mornin, I did something kinda stupid, I saw I had low pressure in my tires and I drove off anyways (Hey, it's a 5 mile trip on slow roads and my car is a bit of a beater). Sure enough, after 2 miles I got a flat. I didn't see a cause, so I'm sure the cold combined with the bumpy road and low pressure to unseat…

Best Halloween Music Best Halloween Music

C'mon Oppo, it's Halloween, I'm buzzing on candy and I have to sit at a desk all day. Post your best Halloween music!


Just browsing Craigslist looking for someone interested in trading for a '99 C230K, and I found this gem:

What's the most annoying thing people say in a private car add?

I'm browsing craigslist looking for a car for my sister in law, and I keep getting annoyed by somethings people say about the cars they're selling. The two worst ones I'm seeing today are people specifying "highway miles" or implying that a clutch change would be cheap and/or easy.

Here's a good question to ask Oppo: What are other nicknames for a car guy?

Today's XKCD puts things in perspective.