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Bears ears day 4 - The long mystery road. Also the road home Bears ears day 4 - The long mystery road. Also the road home

Today we woke up with zero ideas about what to do or see other than knowing that we would like to end up near Hite near Lake Powell to camp on the lake like we did during the Kaiparowits trip. We head towards natural bridges to see what the fee might be to check that place out, but at $20 a car we were really…

Bears ears day 3 - in the valley of the gods Bears ears day 3 - in the valley of the gods

Today’s plan was to spend a little time in the lower elevations, which was bittersweet. It was so nice being up in the mountains, but a little cold and I was stoked to drive the Moki Dugway and see the VoG.

things that suck things that suck

being here

bears ears day 2 - the really long and interesting day

As you might guess by the title, this is the day we got a lot done.

Bears ears day 1 - clever title here.

Been a while since i’ve gotten to write a trip report. i will do my best to be brief and let the images and video do the talking.

well, my mom’s having a rough day

Busy week Busy week

in all the best ways.

Land cruiser understudy Land cruiser understudy

it’s filling in for the cruiser on account of it’s Superior towing. new roof rack means it can now accept the awning and bikes in addition to the new fridge slide.

Weekend doings Weekend doings

Went to the beach today to see some bison? Yes.

runway woes runway woes

pip bips infrastructure post made me think of the big issue going on in my state. mainly that the second biggest airport in the state is closing up shop for 4 months while they tear out the runway, excavate 18 million cubic feet of Earth (5400 feet by 200 feet by 17 feet) and put in a new one. that wouldn’t be too…

This would be funnier This would be funnier

if it was a Kia

Morning - Story time Morning - Story time

Morning everyone, hope people are having more fun on their holiday break than I am. Im in a lonely office building working away. I don’t mind really I have stuff to do and its quiet. I got to work on some fun stuff on the weekend - working on the boat is kinda like working on a project car, its not really a chore so…

too early for boatoppo? too early for boatoppo?

maybe i should wait for the snow to finish turning back to liquid.

Annoyed and bummed Annoyed and bummed

Frustrated with both my jobs. People need to feel useful and valuable: some days at my job I do, some days I feel like people go out of their way to minimize my value. Today is one of those days.

Hour rule? wow. Hour rule? wow.

Fun fact: the road doesn’t [fundamentally] turn right, left or stop up ahead.

durty durty

This is the little catch can on my air filter.  This is 5 days of driving.  

Ah yes. Ah yes.

more to come

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