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The Day and the Night and the Natural Oscillation

The Day and the Night and the Natural Oscillation

Alcohol and Women

From this Mother Jones article:

Intravenous Mercury

The vax corps used to use a mercury-based compound (Thimerosal) in their IV vax injections.

Alcohol and its Adherents

I posted a comment on an alcohol-related article on Deadspin this morning, which ignited a firestorm, just as I predicted.

Marlon Brando and Marlon Bundo

Mike Pence named his adorable pet rabbit after a bisexual white man who had an affair with at least one black man, and possibly as many as three.

A Cherokee Name

Dahlonega, GA, was the epicenter of the Georgia Gold Rush. I visited this quaint little town while I was exploring how long my corporate leash would extend before snapping. I got Fridays-only on-site and a brief education on a bit of North Georgia. Part of that education involved the Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site