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New shoes New shoes

Got my Shinkos in! Bike is ridable again. Needs some refinement with the carbs, the right side pops and bangs like a mad bitch and seems lean for some reason. Need to get a seat figured out. There’s a local guy selling a stock one for $25, might get that and modify the hell out of it and see what I can come up with.

Hoverbike Hoverbike

Where we’re going we don’t need roads. Frustratingly while it ran perfectly the other day today it’s occasionally pissing gas out the left carb and the right one is running a bit lean. I think some crap in the gas settled.

soon.jpg soon.jpg

Love how this thing looks from the rear with the jugs sticking out the sides.

get text from wife

“ac isn’t working in the sportcross” oh fucking goody somehow the lowest mileage car I’ve ever owned has ac problems. joy.

Turbo lawnmower & a V12 biturbo with cutouts Turbo lawnmower & a V12 biturbo with cutouts

Friend has a 740cc fuel injected kohler. It now runs on E85 and has a far too large turbo (meant for a motorcycle) making 3psi. A smaller turbo is coming soon which it should be able to actually spool and make 15psi or thereabouts. Also, a 2003 S600 V12 biturbo with exhaust cutouts.

The ride never ends. The ride never ends.

Visible detrius jammed in the seals of the steering rack which is leaking fairly copious amounts of power steering fluid. That’s gonna be a rebuild at the least, probably a new rack. $220 after core refund, basically.


Roush makes something I don’t hate. Supercharged, the perfect ride height, the best looking grille Ford offered on this bodystyle, side pipes. YES.


Borrowed this adorable jelly bean for a photoshoot last night. These things kick ass. Awesome seating position, super comfy, ride great, brakes are excellent, visibility is AMAZING. The rear seats all fold down to make a super usable bed. It’s so good. My wife was completely convinced we needed one by the end of the…

Loud Honda Noises Loud Honda Noises

These bikes are tappity sons of bitches. Could probably use a valve adjustment. The tires were not as cracked before this ride as they were when I got back and took the pictures in the other post.


Finally a win (sorta). Got the CX500 put back together with new o-rings in the carb runners aaaaand it runs beautifully! Started right up on the first crank with half-choke, didn’t run on one cylinder until it warmed up like it used to, and the throttle response is amazing. Cut out a little bit above 8k rpm, I’m…

bruh wtf bruh wtf

Went to a friend’s and jacked up the LS400. Suspension seemed fine until I got to the rear right and the UCA is so trashed I could wiggle it forward and back until metal touched metal with my hand. Whelp. Look it up and a control arm is 200 fucking dollars. For a stamped steel fucking perfectly normal-ass control arm.…

It lives! It lives!

First start! It obviously has either a massive vacuum leak or entirely inappropriate jetting. I’ll hopefully have the chance to mess with it a bit more tomorrow. Hell of a rowdy startup though.

CX500 update CX500 update

Got a ton done today on the bike, it should be pretty close to being ready to go back together. I had two sets of hand controls for this bike. One set was on when it was stolen and is totally trashed. Here, on the left side ones, the control side was fine but the side with the plugs was super molested. My new set had…

One Step Closer One Step Closer

Got the wiring harness for the CX500 all laid out on my floor and pretty much everything is working! New ignition cylinder arrived today, and while the stock mounting location is currently MIA I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out someplace to put it. Tomorrow I’ll go throw this and my new carbs in the general direction…



lmao lmao

my speedometer and tachometer stopped working. grand.

holy shit bruh holy shit bruh

Having a couple of issues on the LS400 relating to the computer. Specifically, the c-best/dealer settings that are set using a Techstream. Somebody in the past has seen fit to take their car to a Lexus dealership and disable the trunk remote release (so I have to flip the switch under the dash to open the trunk), as…

Oh god, back to the grind already? Oh god, back to the grind already?

Left thursday night and took Friday off work to go with a buddy skiing in Colorado! Just got back today and the thought of going back to work (but not after a super fun dentist appointment) is making me slightly ill.

Polar opposites Polar opposites

My take, having spent time with both:

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