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So... So...

Matt Farah’s Million Mile Lexus is supposedly getting a feature, if not a cover, in the next Motor Trend issue. The car is pretty well-known in enthusiast circles, but your average Joe has never heard of it and likely has completely forgotten the LS400 ever existed. Now they’ll back into the minds of a large portion…



"Luxury" "Luxury"

Friend of mine has an ‘00 LS400 with an accidental straight pipe exhaust. It’s hilarious for about 17 seconds and then it’s the most annoying thing in existence.

Much want

Seriously, the Honda 919 is just perfection.

thanks kansas thanks kansas

i hate it

car4sale car4sale

Got the Mazda6 listed on CL and Marketplace, already got some interest in it. Yay. Hopefully it’s more reliable for the next person. Also hopeful my ad attracts a lot of eyes. Who the hell posts underbody pictures for a 16 year old economy car? Jake does.

Kitten is a little shit Kitten is a little shit

She figured out she could stick her head out the dryer vent hole (unoccupied because the dryer is broken) and greet us when we come home. 

Today is the first day the Mazda6 has not been broken Today is the first day the Mazda6 has not been broken

It has taken months of ownership and weekends of working on this stupid thing but the Mazda6 is finally fixed. Saturday I did the valve cover gaskets which were sorely needed as the ones I took out were as hard as plastic and super brittle and it was leaking a quart of oil every 200 miles or so. I also put in a new…

I win! I win!

I was chasing a nasty squeak coming from the back of the car and discovered it went away when I tapped on the 3rd brake light. Stroke of luck, though I, I can fix this squeak and also the annoying tail lamp warning light! Took the 3rd brake light assembly out (lift and pull, folks) and found the picture above. The…


Washed the LS400 and lightpainted it last night. Only the second time I’ve done a not-dark car so I’m very happy with how it came out. Hopefully today I’ll have time to put some Lexol on the leather, clean the instrument cluster, get some weird sticky residue off the center console wood, and give the whole interior a…


NEW WHIP WHO DIS? It’s no secret that my 2003 Mazda6 V6 5MT with 160k on the clock has been, to put it gently, a massive pain in my ass. To remedy this and keep myself from spending damn near a car payment every month in parts and oil I’m going to throw this last round of parts I have sitting around onto the car and…

Behold a man with no neck Behold a man with no neck

Riding a buddy’s Honda Fury VTX1300cX to lunch on Sunday because it was 70 degrees out (today it is 20). Appropriately, that’s a Harley dealership in the background. Lol.

Operation: Rampage Rescue Operation: Rampage Rescue

While out on the 125 and 300cc Groms, JR and I happened across a guy stranded with due to his SV650 having an electrical problem. After grabbing a multimeter and ruling out the battery, stator, regulator/rectifier, and “green plug of death” we grabbed the turbo Rampage and muscled the bike into the bed. Figured some…

Bullshift Video: Kansas to Colorado for a Dodge Stealth R/T (420 blazeit edition) Bullshift Video: Kansas to Colorado for a Dodge Stealth R/T (420 blazeit edition)

Who can say no to shirking responsibility for a few days to drive across Kansas and Colorado to pick up an aging sports car? Who can say no to legal drugs? I damn well should have. Check out that face at the end of the episode. That’s the face of a man who is suddenly Not Having A Good Time. Part 2 hopefully coming…


fucking front left brake locked on on the lexus and tried to throw me off of a fucking offramp at 60mph so that’s COOL AS SHIT. And of course nobody sells calipers or rebuild kits in town so I’m getting a ride to LKQ tomorrow where I know there is an IS300 sedan with brakes on it. Fucking christ I Need More Beers.

Is this indeed a Doug? Is this indeed a Doug?

You should have gone for the quirks.

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