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Guilty Pleasure Guilty Pleasure

I love Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls. Now they have a peanut butter filled version. I’m okay with this.

Hoovie Sold Out err... Got a New Sponsor Deal!

Can’t wait to see Tavarish’s O’Reilly’s ad, I’m so happy for them! I love it when YouTubers gain mainstream media attention.

Judging By The Way It Kept Darting To The Right

I think it was sick of the woman in the passenger seat’s constant nagging. TURN RIGHT, TURN LEFT, SLOW DOWN, WHY ARE YOU GOING SO SLOW, GOD I HATE YOU GERALD.

Diablo Tail Lights? Diablo Tail Lights?

It HAS to be good then, right?

Good Morning, Oppo. Good Morning, Oppo.

Lets start the day off with a quick test


Featuring The House Of Muscle. Mike Musto. HIS Demon. Well, The House Of Muscle’s Demon, anywho.

When Life Imitates Memes When Life Imitates Memes

Got this bad boy traded in yesterday

My Avatar My Avatar

(That I stole) matches the Oppo logo pretty well. Rad.

:D :D

3.7L oil pickup tube is happy.

I Bet EL_Uly Knows... I Bet EL_Uly Knows...

What that screw is for:

it does the same thing it does the same thing

as recommending/starring

Would This Be...

....The Electric Slide?

Houselopnik = Doggositelock Houselopnik = Doggositelock

With the purchase of our house of course means no more rental home pet restrictions, so once again we’re getting a pupper!

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