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Mildly Interesting/Infuriating (Literal Shitpost) Mildly Interesting/Infuriating (Literal Shitpost)

Think this is my first time seeing bird crap bead on a surface. Bird must’ve been on a high-fibre diet.

If I read that date code correctly... If I read that date code correctly...

...that’s week 29 of 2008?

Winter is here. Winter is here.

Here comes the invisible snow banks.


...Oppo has a podcast.

Stolen from Reddit Stolen from Reddit

From /r/shitty_car_mods.

Paging Svend Paging Svend

Sorry to bug you from your lunch but...

What's for dinner, Oppo? What's for dinner, Oppo?

I’m down to the last piece... and the AAA prime rib is on sale again this weekend . Tempted to get another one.

Shower Thought

DOTS is effectively the Oppo version of Pokemon Go.

Paging Svend

Want to see what’s your take on this.


I actually remember downloading this car in NFS3/4.

Beading. Beading.

It actually rained a bit after.

Started at 9 AM... Started at 9 AM...

...done at 2pm including a lunch break to wait for layers to cure. Seasonal Svending is complete, she is ready for storage next month.

DOTS on a potato DOTS on a potato

Yes, it had Fuchs.

Someone talk me out of this?

The reviews on ECS do seem to say it addresses may gripe about the F30 manual. I’m used to the weighted knob on my Solstice.

///M ///M

Apple is one colour short of partnering with BMW.


First one I’ve seen on the street all this time it launched.


Please stay as a concept.


I do wonder if it’s just a standard disclaimer, about “picking up with a flatbed and unplated.”

So if manuals are dying in US and Canada

I wonder if it’s a feasible business model for them to just make them limited models that appear once every few years, maybe just one or two special models per generation?

Paging Crazie

In case of Kinja.

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