Toni Cipriani can finally change his display name's posts - Portuguese uPOST


Finally my phone camera is much less potato than it used to be.

Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard

Stef Edition


Old Mercs are so much classier than their current lineup.

Up for sale again it seems.

Kinja getting Kinja’d big time?

Nibby-bait Nibby-bait

Changed out the ringtone of my phone.

Okay, Amazon. Okay, Amazon.

TIL Amazon doesn’t know their own business hours. That said building was a Whole Foods.

Yay or Nah? Yay or Nah?

Black/Copper colour scheme

Paging Svend Paging Svend

Any recommendations on an interior protector...

Yeah Kinja... Yeah Kinja...

If you don’t actually enlarge the picture, the magnifying glass is there for nothing.

A Staycation Plan A Staycation Plan

...which does not include Svending is never a whole plan.

Ad hominem attacks

Pretty interesting article I came over at /r/philosophy.

The Horror. The Horror.

UKL Front wheel drive, check.

Paint your Regal any colour.

I doubt Buick will offer the program though, otherwise you guys can order it in brown.

Another day, another tariff.

Maybe they should redirect some inventory to Canada. We can use more stick shift 320is.


First actual topless one I’ve seen.


Not the V8 version though.

So I was driving along today So I was driving along today

Nice and sunny out there, so I was full on top down.

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