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Feed your head

That Michele-

Leee Black Childers has passed away.

He came from Kentucky but he was a New Yorker, heart and soul. If it was happening and cool Leee was there, he either managed, produced or photographed the people who made it the best of times. He will forever be missed and hopefully his photos will get the due they deserved always.

True Blood News and Spoilies

MORE Trueblood Spoilers…

the last of The Smiths, I am in heaven for a bit.

Grimmsters, this interview will get you ready for tomorrow's return, Renard is back!

It took me awhile to get into Arrow, now I'm bothered by the 30 something actor playing Barrowman's son. I can believe a comic hero come to life but not that, it's irking me and I know it's stupid.

Xavier's wheelchairs,

whatever Billith wants, Billith gets. edited to add that the photo isnt showing up.

Bryan Singer ‏@BryanSinger

Arrested Development Valentines Day cards, also Wes Anderson (one for Rushmore!)

I know nuttin about this blog shit but I love Dick, Philip K. and SyFy plans on adapting Man in a High Castle.

For history buffs in NYC- Abraham Lincoln & the Cooper Union Address:

I never saw this before, but it most likely was posted on io9 at one time, Prometheus SPOILERS if you havent seen the movie but lots of laffs.

Harrison Ford's notes on the Raider's script-

We need more information on this, vampires, Tilda and Jarmusch

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